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Napoli Gran Gourmet


With the Napoli Gran Gourmet Line, Pizza & Other brings the typical Neapolitan flavors to international tables.

Innovation, tradition and genuine ingredients come together to create healthy and sustainable products that pay attention to modern food trends and environmental sustainability.

The crunchy and tasty disc the most famous in the world in two versions: high edge and thin center according to the Neapolitan tradition; innovative according to the most suitable standard for the reference market, thin, crunchy and with little edge. Designed and made for the modern consumer, attentive to the quality and origin of the ingredients, the frozen pizzas of the Napoli Gran Gourmet Line respond to current food trends, marrying tradition with attention to gourmet products.

Selected wheat flours, carefully chosen ingredients for Made in Italy, natural yeast and craftsmanship make the pizzas of the Napoli Gran Gourmet line an excellent solution for fans of the popular Neapolitan dish, bringing them closer to the territory of Campania. Vegan and organic products are gaining popularity. Ultimately, health products are and will increasingly be one of today’s major food trends.

To these needs, Pizza & Other responds with the Napoli Gran Gourmet Vegan and Napoli Gran Gourmet Organic pizzas, two segments of the new Napoli Gran Gourmet Line that meet the needs for greater consumption of vegetables and genuine products, conceived with particular attention to the environment. and to the health of the consumer, while retaining the taste and flavors of the Neapolitan tradition.

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